What Are Scaffolding Tools?

Scaffolding is actually a temporary structure or formation which is made to help materials used in the construction of residential or industrial buildings.

The main reason for item scaffolding is to provide a complete and safe workplace along with a safe entrance that is suitable for the work being completed. You can buy ‘facade scaffolding’ (which is also called ‘Fasadestillas’ in the Norwegian language) from various online sources.

This allows for a wise work platform that can easily reach many meters high. Actually, scaffolding is quite mandatory because even if you use a ladder, it can't help you achieve the same level of stability. Therefore, scaffolding is only a solution that can help you reach that height because you will get a large platform for your construction equipment and functional workplace.

Some scaffolding tools are explained as follows:

Fittings and tubes

Actually, there are two types of tubes used in scaffolding and they are steel and aluminum. The tubes are mostly accessible in a variety of lengths and diameters of 48.3mm with a 1.5NPS pipe. The only difference between the tubes is that aluminum has a lower weight of 1.7kg / m compared to 4.4kg / m. In addition, they also have great tenderness and less strong conflict. In fact, the screw is basically used for scaffold fittings that join the tube.


There are many jacks in the turbo scaffold used in the construction of the building and you can install the jack scaffold along with the minimum board number at each level. This is actually a large strand rod along with a wing nut and welded steel plate known as the base plate right at the bottom. This is very mandatory for a safe, secure and level work phase.