Types Of The Product Photography That You Must Know

Product photography is everywhere we look and everywhere we go. Scanning the web or looking at magazines, brochures and outdoors advertisements, you often see products for sale and different types of product photography to advertise it.

Photography is so important in selling products. Images are crucial to supporting company brands and converting sales. For instance, if you are looking for a new camera pack for your gear. You visit your favourite online camera store where you have bought before. If the website you are looking at only has a description of the camera pack but no actual photos, would you buy it? Chances are you would not. Product photos taken by professional photographers in Dubai are proof of the product’s characteristics. It will tell you a lot about the item from size, shape, colour and how it is used.


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In this article, we will discuss different types of product photography and some tips for approaching each one in great detail.

  • White Background photos

The white background photos are more common than any other background and there are several reasons for this. It helps to create a knockout of the product where it appears to be floating on the background. Using various software you can select the product and remove it from the background. You can then set it on a pure white background or float in multi-image layout.


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  • Using a scale to show the size of the product

Creating a scale is a product photography approach that defines for the viewer, how big or small a product is. It allows the shopper to view how the product looks like and is used.

  • Product Grouping

Group product images are a way to demonstrate options to buyers. These can be a collection of women’s makeup that might include multiple variations on the product in the group of the same product that comes in variation.

Product Grouping

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Good, clean and effective product photography is critical to you and your business brands, or your clients business. The most important idea to understand is choosing the right strategy for each product. Every product requires an approach that best showcases that product. Simply put: metal and glass and usually lit by creating a reflection in the product surface. For a photographer, it is very important to choose the right equipment. Check out here to learn what equipment do commercial photographers use in great detail.