Google Pixel – The Best Smartphones With Solid Features

Google has been making its headway into the market of smartphones since the past few years, but the company couldn’t uprise a serious challenge to Samsung or Apple.

Now  Google Pixel 3 has come up with its excellent features to beat its competitors. When Google was about to launch this phone in the market, there was a doubt that it won’t compete with the smartphones giants (Samsung, apple) who have already made their place in the market.

But it was nothing more than a doubt, Google shocked the whole industry by launching Google Pixel. It was the next level extension to the smartphones.


This smartphone has the same features as that of an iPhone. If you want to buy this phone, see this Google smartphone review and know what people are saying about its features. You will definitely fall in love with its solid functions.

Let’s know more about Google pixel 3:


Pixel 3 includes a cutout and edge-to-edge design that will be a bit narrower but taller than the iPhone X model. This cutout design will let this smartphone to run its stereo speakers. It comes in glossy as well as in matte look. With its notchy display, it has dual front cameras and the back is crafted out of a different material than the metal.

It’s all about the camera

If we talk about other models of Google Pixel they too have strong features and easy access to Google assistant like in Pixel 3. In fact, Google Pixel 2 is rated as top camera smartphone.

But some of them were found with several quality-control issues. This problem is fixed with Google Pixel 3 it has the best camera all over with 12.3 megapixels.

You can get a complete information about Pixel 3 camera in google pixel camera review. This will tell you why this new Google smartphone stands out.


The most important aspect of a smartphone is its battery backup.No one wants to buy a phone which will die after 2 or 3 hours use. With Google pixel you don’t have to worry about it, it’s battery lasts for 13 hours even in continuous usage.

Google Pixel is in rumors all around because of its upgraded version Pixel 3. You need to know more about this smartphone features and design. In this article, you will get a detailed story about Google Pixel 3 and its innovative design.