An Overview Of Evoil ID Card Printer

A wide range of businesses identification solutions has been brought by Evolis. The company has customer all over the globe. Evolis is a European based manufacturer. They also provide software badging solutions. Badge card printer is also one type of printer.


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Evolis is a quite reliable source for print drivers. It provides a healthy workspace for their employees. Each stage of production is carefully examined to reduce waste. In this article, we are going to discuss Evoil Card Printer.

Tattoo ReWrite

There are several benefits of rewritable card technology if you want to incorporate low-impact strategy into your office.  It is low-cost monochrome printers that make use of thermal sensitive ID badges.

Here no ribbons are needed and the card stock can also be used over and over.

The main advantage is that the card can be erased and reused up to 500 times. There should also be a reclamation process to collect any badges that are not in use.

In addition to this magnetic stripe and contactless smart card, encoding can also be added to this machine at the factory.


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Tattoo2, Pebble4, and Dualys3

The group of printers can be attached with optional manual card feeders to produce over-the-counter printing. The Pebble even allows you to swap out the cover. To get more information related to id card printer to click here

On the other hand, Tattoo2 is a single-sided printer whereas Pebble and Dualys are dual-sided card handling.

These models provide color dye sublimation printing. The double-sided models have features like basic and advanced encoders and contact stations. The 3 printer models have ribbon saving technology.

Quantum and Securion

If you want high volume card printing then a chose to have to be made between these two full colors, dual-sided printers.  Here the Quantum has good capacity to handle 1,000 cards at a time with the help of feeders and hoppers.

Two separate print jobs can also be handled by them. There is a variety of encoding options for this printer.