Which Massage Practices Are Used Along With Physical Therapy?

Often it becomes quite difficult and requires plenty of time and effort to recover from an unbearable physical injury. The recovery process may have to include sessions from a professional physical therapist in order to alleviate pain and to restore the normal functioning of the injured.

There are several great professional massage therapist at Kirkland which provides a combination of massage and physical therapies that can help you in getting the relief from injury at a faster pace. Experts say that to make certain that you receive maximum benefits out of physical therapy and you’re following the ideal way to recover is by massage therapy.

Various types of massage treatments can be employed to complement physical therapy. These types of massage, simultaneously with physical therapy, can help you achieve your goal of restoring normal function and complete pain alleviation.

Listed below are the types of massage treatments used in combination with physical therapy:

  • Sports Massage – This type of massage is usually given to athletes or people who are recovering from a sport-related injury. It usually includes stretching, muscle conditioning and joint mobilization and muscle conditioning.

    The professional providing physical therapy at Kirkland are renowned for their sports massage services.
  • Clinical massage therapy – It is also referred to as rehabilitation therapy and medical massage. This therapy comprises of massage techniques performed with the intent of improving conditions or pathologies that have been diagnosed by a physician.

    Clinical massage therapists are trained to provide massage techniques that target your injured or problem area.

  • Deep tissue massage – This type of massage focuses on the deeper pressure in specific points throughout the body which is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. It is designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle and connective tissue or fascia.

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