Know The Types Of Metal You Can Recycle

Having a recycling bin in your home and at the workplace is a great way to do what you can to help the environment. However, what if there was a way to help the environment and make some cash at the same time? When it comes to metal, that’s really possible.

Keep on reading to learn which metals you can recycle and how you can earn a profit with metal recycling in Sydney.

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Metals You Can Recycle

Scrap metal recycling protects the environment, conserves energy, and diverts waste from landfills. Additionally, it reduces the need to mine fresh ore and cuts back on harmful carbon emissions generated from mining.

Most metals can be recycled and reprocessed over and over again without altering their fundamental, original qualities. Here are some of the most common metals to recycle:

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Steel is a ferrous metal which commonly contains iron and other alloy constituents. Folks have been recycling steel for over 150 years, according to the EPA. That’s because it is among the most highly-used metals on the planet.


Copper is a very precious metal most admired for its fantastic heat transfer and conductivity features, but also for its aesthetic qualities. Plumbing fixtures, electronics, circuit boards, electric wiring, jewelry, decorative items, and construction materials are typical copper-made commodities.

It’s also a highly-recycled metal that can be reprocessed over and over again without undermining its fundamental properties.


Aluminum is a soft white, light-weight, nonmagnetic alloy that’s low density and corrosion-resistant. It’s a frequent household metal product but is also a frequent metal used for other industrial and commercial applications.

How to Gain From Metal Recycling

To make money from your recyclable metals, you simply need to discover a scrap metal buyer in your area. There are many companies who purchase scrap metal. So in order to make the most money, you must be certain that you pick a reputable one. Any company that was established for many years is a fantastic choice.