Follow Few Rules Before Taking Your Dog To A Park

Rules for most of the parks are listed below, which can make it easier to plan your adventure with the furry friend. If you want to visit the city parks with your friend then you must follow these few rules.  Some of the rules are listed below:

Carefully pack up all dog waste dropped from your pet. Anyone can be fined and also banned from most parks when they do not realize. With dog waste bags, picking the dog dropping is made easier. Your hands remain clean and the park also remains clean.

You can buy dog waste disposal bags via or by visiting a pet store near you. Always remember to bring the dog poop bags with you for dog parks.

All dogs must be properly licensed and vaccinated also. Take proof of current license and vaccinations with you. Almost all parks prohibit the entry of puppies less than 4 months simply because they have not yet received the full range of vaccines.

Only healthy dogs are allowed. If your dog is never attainable standard of kennel cough, fleas, mites or other health problem, do not take her or him to the park.

Do not take too many dogs. Many parks for dogs have now posted restrictions regarding the number of dogs allowed in parks by one person. Just take the amount you are able to manage adequately.

Never put a female animal in heat at the dog park. However, this regulation is simply common sense, but often ignored.

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