Choose Hawaiian Wedding Theme For A Unique Wedding

What usually comes to mind when you heard of a Hawaiian wedding, is an outdoor setting, with views of the sea in the tropical weather. However, you can even turn the church hall into a tropical Hawaiian holiday destination during the winter with unique ideas.

Encourage your guests to wear Hawaiian attire. You can also plan your wedding through companies like that will Embrace the culture of Hawaii and create a lasting memory of your wedding.

Welcome your guests with leis made of fresh flowers, nuts, shellfish, etc. A unique Hawaiian theme wedding ideas that you can try is blowing from the 'Pu' during the opening ceremony. Pu also known as the conch shell, which is traditionally blown at the start of ceremonies to ask the gods for blessing and to symbolize a long and lasting relationship.

You can also exchange vows with the 'aloha', which is said to have a deep meaning, spiritual. Aloha is taken from the two words 'Alo', which means 'to share' and 'ha', which means 'breath of life'. You Honi symbolize unity, which is a traditional Hawaiian kiss conducted by partner rub their noses sides together at the same time they breathe 'ha'.

Also, during the ceremony, consider combining the practices of this Hawaiian wedding lei exchange with partner and close family members; the carrying of rings on the shells and mark the procession with tiki torches.

bride can choose to wear kappa, which are layered clothing worn in ancient times or holoku, which is a loose-fitted wedding gown with a short train used in modern Hawaiian wedding. On the other hand, the groom can wear a white shirt and pants and lei.

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