An Attendant to Commercial Architectural Windows

Heavy commercial architectural windows can be found in various low and high rise buildings. When the right style and materials are used, architectural windows can add attraction and strength to the facades of any commercial building while still functioning.


Window architecture is very popular throughout the country because of its ability to accommodate a number of different building styles while providing functional and reasonable additions to the structure.

When choosing heavy commercial windows, builders have the ability to adjust colors, sizes, shapes, materials, and hardware. You can check out ‘wood architecture design’ (which is also known as ‘wood arkitektur design’ in the Norwegian language) to get various type of information about architects.


Aluminum is the most commonly used material in the production of heavy commercial architectural windows. Fiberglass and vinyl, two of the more popular housing window materials, are not used because of their lower strength and inability to withstand building stress.


Wooden windows can be installed in low-rise commercial buildings but are not often used. Because of the appeal of aluminum, wood windows are only used in special circumstances. For buildings that require natural, traditional-looking wood is a good choice because of its grain diversity, color, and durability. Unlike other materials, wood windows need a lot of care.

Window Category

There are two general categories of heavy commercial architectural windows: sliding and projected. The third category, fixed window frames, can also be found in commercial and industrial buildings. Sliding window categories are compromised by sliders, single hanging, and a double hanging.

Slide window

Sliders are usually considered as a window that moves horizontally. They are an excellent choice for commercial class window systems because they come in various styles and allow many optional features to be added. For example, most glass companies will allow builders to integrate internal blinds into sliding windows.